iPhone 6 Plus screen freezes after iOS 9.3.1 update

I'm usually pretty lucky with iOS updates, but as the thread title states, straight after the recent 9.3.1 upgrade on my iPhone 6 Plus, the touchscreen now freezes at random times. I'm a medium to heavy user and this annoying screen freeze happens at least twice a day, sometimes as much as 7 or 8 times with only the hard buttons (home, power, volume) that still function. This never happened before the update, and the only way out is the soft reset (home+power buttons) option. This is not just localised to a couple of apps, but seems to be anything touchscreen related.

This is becoming a real pain in the neck, especially when writing an email or text message with no way to save what is already written using copy and paste, as I obviously need the touchscreen to do so. Is anybody else facing the same issue after the iOS 9.3.1 upgrade, and are there any possible fixes to this, although I strongly suspect it's a software issue that only Apple can sort out with an update fix?


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Steve, it is not happening on my end nor reported as common here.

You posted that you tried a forced restart but try it again please. Hold down the Home and Wake/Sleep buttons at the same time for about 15-20 seconds until the Apple logo appears. You will not lose anything.

If that does not help then try a system restore.

First backup your device using iTunes. Then import your photos to your computer and copy all important data. Try restoring from backup first and testing it. If it does not help, you may have to restore as New and reconfigure from scratch as the backup could be corrupted. For this reason it is important to have your photos and data saved separately from the backup.


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