calendar events reminders are reversed

I am using Iphone 6s - 9.3.1 version

when I set an appointment up in phone calendar the first alert and second alert are (get) reversed

ie. First alert set to 30 minutes and second set to 5 minutes


first alert shows 5 minutes second alert shows 15 minutes

I've missed a couple of meetings OR I just don't set 2 alerts -

Don't like the change or reverse order

Please advise if there is an issue or if I'm not using the settings properly

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No, you aren't doing anything wrong. This has been happening on iOS for a very long time. If it is a deliberate choice by Apple, it is quite a strange choice. I have submitted at least a half dozen bug reports for various versions of iOS, and it would appear it is by design. The alerts still work, but it certainly doesn't look right.

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