unable to add yahoo/google mail accounts

since upgrading to El Capitan I'm unable to add any yahoo or google account ...

when trying to add an account (gmail or yahoo) into mail an error message pops up stating:

Connection Insecure

Failed to verify the server certificate. This could be because of your network configuration or your proxy settings.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 1.02.08 PM.png

when trying to access the accounts via web browser all goes ok, so there’s no network/internet connection or proxy issues. In fact, I'm using no proxy whatsoever.

The error is the same if trying to add the accounts using mail or the internet accounts system preference ... I imagine is something related to OAuth since for any of these two providers that is the authentication method used to configure them

any help would be greatly appreciated


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Found the fix for this.

there're two verisign certs with a red mark "This certificate was signed by an untrusted issuer" in the Login/Certificates container in the keychain. You need to delete them, once removed the Connection Insecure message is gone and will be able to add the accounts.

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