Having problems with wifi,bluetooth and gps in my iphone 6 after iOS update

After last iOS 9.3 update my iphone 6 is having problems with wifi,bluetooth and gps. My wifi connection now is more slow and drops easily in a short distance. My bluetooth does the same. But the most important problem is my phone's GPS. I tried everything lile:

-Doing a network reset

-Doing a total reset and restore in my phone

-Doing reboot my phone two times.

- Checking and unnistalling third party apps

Nothing work. I was in the apple store where they checked my phone and they say everything is ok with the phone. I'm not crazy and I know when something is not working properly. Also I believe that is iOS 9.3 update the one reaponsible for my phone problems.

Please fix those bugs fast.

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I have been having the exact same problems. GPS doesn't track with my movement, bluetooth range is vastly diminished to the point of being unusable, and I have trouble picking up my wi-fi signal within my house where I was previously able.

Any encountered a fix that works yet?

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