Apple Configurator 2 - Apps ask for iTunes account

When reimaging the iPad trolley we have, the ipads updated to iOS 9 and I ended up having to update the MacBook to El Capitan and get Apple Configurator 2. Apple Configurator 2 seemed a lot easier to use and configure, and so I simply migrated the profile and apps to it and reimaged the whole iPad trolley. When I trying to test the apps installed on the iPads, whenever I click on any of them I get asked for iTunes username and password to open them! These iPads are for classroom use and we do not want students to use their accounts or have to input our account manually into each iPad to have the apps works.

Has anyone come across this issue? What am I doing wrong?

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Did you download the app packages via iTunes without using a VPP iTunes account?

I *think* that could be your problem, all apps, even free apps need to be downloaded via the VPP portal using the managed distribution method. Once you've "purchased" the free apps, it lists them in the portal, you then sign into your VPP account inside Apple Configurator 2 and it sees which apps are listed there.

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