Which app is best to connect my Ipad pro to a pc screen?

Does anybody knows which app or software is best to connect my I Pad Pro to mirror it on a second PC screen? I tried already Astropad but i don`t know if there is a version for pc?

thanks i am brand new with apple.


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You can use Reflector to mirror your ipad to your pc screen. Note: You will not be able to interact with what is on you Pro from the pc. you need to control the pro from the pro. Apple does not allow remote login to the ipad. If you want the ipad to appear on two pc screens, mirror you pc screen to another pc.



To login to a pc, you could use:

Read Multiform post. You can use a mouse with remote Windows and vnc desktop apps on the ipad. You need the right app store app.

Read his article here:

It's on page 2 of this discussion about half way down.


The citrix mouse.


http://store.citrix.com/store/citrix/en_US/pd/productID.317779200/ThemeID.377130 00

ios app:


Citrix server app:

Demo of Swiftpoint GT travel mouse with Windows remote session. Stop & start to see the details.


"Connect to any computer in the world Jump Desktop is a secure and reliable remote desktop (RDP & VNC) app for iOS, Mac, Android and PCs which lets you connect to any computer, anywhere in the world." Supports Swiftpoint mouse.


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