home screen layout - folder naming failed


I found a problem in Apple Configurator 2.2 through following steps

1) "Edit Blueprints" by clicking Blueprints button

2) Right click the existing blueprint and choose "Modify-> Home Screen Layout..."

3) Put some Apps together and form a folder, rename that folder ... may be type "APPLE".

4) Click "Apply".

5) Try step 2 again, you will see the folder name is still the same.

Anyone see the same thing?

iPad Air 2, iOS 9.3.1, AC2.2

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Before Apple fix this issue, I found another way to do this.

Use OS X Server and open Profile Manager.

Pick up one iPad and enrolled to OS X Server

Create the "Home Screen Layout" setting by profile setting.

Download this profile setting and using Apple Configurator 2.2 to install this profile to the Machine.

That work!!

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