It is not possible to delete files with nul characters in the file names.

If you copy this filename:


And paste it as the name of a file on your El Capitan computer you will not be able to delete it.

If your computer cannot boot in an earlier version of OS X the only option that I have found has been to format the drive and reinstall from back up (without restoring the offending file of course)

If you are like me, and have over 10 TB of data this can be something of a pain in the arse.

For now I've resorted to copying a folder from each drive into the trash, moving the offending file into it's respective folder and returning the file via that folder to it's home drive. I then turn the folder invisible so I don't have to deal with the trash errors every time I delete a file.

Before any of you tell me to use some terminal command, boot off a thumb drive or use restore mode. Try it yourself and fail.

I put a little effort into a thumbdrive linux install that I read about, but couldn't find one that was compatible with the new skylake processor, however it worked fine on my old mac pro

This was not the case in any previous version of the OS.

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Interesting I just did several searches and couldn't find one with a "NUL", and I've upgraded this Mac since 10.6.8. I have no PC stuff though.

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