Can not remove settings from a .mobileconfig file

We are playing with iPads within our company. So, I used the ICU to create separate config files for our VPN and our Exchange 2007 settings. In both config files I set the Security to "Always" to allow users to remove the profile. When we do this for real, I probably won't but since I am testing it with my device, I'd like to be able to manually remove the profile without using the ICU. No matter what I select for Security, the Delete button is missing from both the VPN setting and Mail account settings. There's a message instead that reads, "These settings are installed by the profile 'Exchange Test'" I've tried a direct install via USB from the ICU and emailing the file to myself with the same results. The profiles work, I just can't remove them.
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I know this message is years old now, but I wanted to make sure an answer was provided to address this in the case of someone else stumbling upon it.

The profiles are not accessed via the standard settings. For instance, if you install a config with an email account, you don't remove it via the email settings. There will be a new item under settings called Profiles. Using that area you can easily remove the config. Note, this is where your previously configured delete options come into play. If you allow deletion, the user can remove everything here. If you password protect it, they will be prompted for the password.

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