Reinstalling OSX on Mac Mini late `09

Hi there

My problem is, i`ve got a Mac Mini late `09 (2,53ghy, 4gb ram) and i installed an SSD with OSX Mountain Lion. Since I forgot my credentials i can`t login anymore. I wanted to install or reset the mac to any OSX.

I`ve tried some things but none of it worked for me:

- Mountain Lion isn`t available anymore

- Snow Leopard DVD or install USB isn`t working (prohibited sign appears)

- El Capitan from the app store can`t be used as a startup disk

- Recovery disk assistant from apple works to start the installation of el capitan but saying it takes 105 hours to complete which seems unreal

Does anyone has got an idea what else I could try?



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- If El Capitan is intact but you forgot admin PS and y did not use File Vault encryption then reset the admin PW: dministrator-password

- If you have another Mac you can make a bootable USB installer from the download from the Purchases section of the Mac App store using the following.

Then boot from that USB medial and install El Capitan.

- If you want to install earlier than El Capitan you have to first format/erase the startup disk

- What do you mean by "Recovery disk assistant"

- Do you get the prohibitory sing when you boot from the SL DVD? IS that a retail DVD? Or did it come with another model Mac?

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