Apple Mail SOOO Slow after Yosemite upgrade

Hello. I have a Macbook Pro 13"- late 2012 with 8MB RAM.

After upgrading to Yosemite, Apple Mail is very slow. When I open the App it opens fine, but then when clicking on different folders or emails I get the BeachBall and takes forever to do normal tasks. When I launched Activity Monitor, it shows that Mail takes about 80% of CPU. It fluctuates, but without doing any activities on Mail, that number can go to 100%...

I tried rebuilding Mailboxes, SMC reset, PRAM reset and deleted the Mail Envelopes.... STILL VERY slow. Everything else on the laptop works fine and fast. Just the Mail app.

Any ideas! It is so frustrating that a new system actually makes things worse than before- not better!

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After trying many things... I switched from the Classic Layout (Preferences/ Viewing) to the new layout and email started being normal again. Not sure if this will work with everyone.

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