ipod nano 7th generation not playing songs

Hi - I have a new iPod nano. I have just sync'd it to my iTunes but am able to play any songs. When the play button appears below the name of the song/artist the pause button is showing at the top by the battery icon, and when the pause button shows below the name the play button shows at the top. I wondered if I had pressed something by mistake.



iPod nano (7th generation, Mid 2015)
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Hey zoezog,

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I see there's some confusion about the play/pause icons on your iPod nano.  The larger button you're seeing is the one that controls the feedback.  If you're seeing a play button, then the music is paused, which is indicated by the pause icon at the top of your screen.  The same can be said when the large icon is showing pause, is because the item is being played.  This again is indicated by the play icon at the top of your screen. This information is found on page 6 of the iPod nano user guide: iPod nano User Guide

As it appears that your music can play, please make sure your headphones are completely seated into the headphone jack, and that the volume has been adjusted using the buttons on the side of your iPod nano.

Take care.

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