mac not freeing hard disk space after deleting files and asks for passwords when i delete anything

Hi, all of a sudden today my macbook pro (OSX 10.7.5) has started asking for password whenever i delete a file - AND then when i type it, it removes the file (without sending to trash - nothing in trash), and my hard disk space doesn't change. I get no hard disk space back.

I've tried to remove around 4GB of files and HD space still says same (via, 'get info' from finder).

I've tried other solutions on-line e.g. when I go to 'about this mac' etc. these ARE NOT stored as backups (my backups area is 0KB).

I've also tried disk utility repair permissions, nothing.

This is very weird and literally has just started happening today. Anyone any ideas?

Really appreciate any help anyone can offer - I'm right down to 3gb disk space and need to get some back!! Plus, I've removed XXXGB of data which has gone - but I have no space for - how can I get that space back!

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See #6 here and reset your Users permissions (Disk Utiltiy doesn't do those)

..Step by Step to fix your Mac

Also run through and make sure your machine is working well.

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