Mac VNC not working after Security Update 2016-002

After the Security Update 2016-002, I am unable to VNC into any Mac Machine that was updated.

Error: The user account you selected isn't available


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before this updates, the scenario here was:

- 1 iMac with Yosemite

- 1 person working directly on iMac

- 2 guys connecting to iMac from Windows using VNC

- The iMac must be logged for the others 2 connect on separate session.

- If the Mac was on users selection and someone connect on Mac with VNC, this user control all the Mac, and the screen will be mirrored for all, every user won't get a separate session. To get right, all users must be disconnected including the iMac, and then connect first on iMac and then the others can connect.

after the update "Remote Desktop client update" and "safari update" we couldn't connect to Mac anymore, the "securit update 2016-002" wasn't installed yet.

if the iMac is on the users selection screen, I'm be able to connect on Mac, but the screen will be mirrored, but we won't be able to connect on separate sessions anymore.

Now we are updating the Mac to El Capitan.

When the installation finish, we will test and get you noticed.

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