how to get offline status off Messages on my Mac

how to get offline status off Messages on my Mac

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The Messages app can join 5 "services" of Instant Messaging and iMessages.

Some have been there since the app was called iChat (before iMessages was added) and relate to the Following:-


Bonjour (Mac to Mac Connections on your LAN)

Jabber (Of which GoogleTalk is one)

Yahoo and since OS 10.8 iMessages

The first four have Buddy lists and it these that the App Menu > Status refers to.

If you have only set up the iMessages account it shows no way of being Logged in (there is no Status) and you can only tell when it is not working that you are not logged in.

The Bonjour account is always in the Messages > Preferences > Accounts but is not On by default.

If you Enable it (tick the Box in Accounts) it will allow access to the Status option.

Also the current Status Messages at the top of a Buddy List can also be used to change the Message and the type of Status.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 19.38.58.png

Buddy List

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 19.39.38.png

There are standard messages and you can Save ones you create and then edit either.

If you have multiple Buddy List accounts (AIM, Jabber, Bonjour and Yahoo) then the default is that they are displayed as one list.

In the General section of the Preferences the option to Gather them into one list can be turned Off so they are separate. (hence why the Pic says "Main AIM" at the top

You can set Available or Away.

Messages will show other Buddies who are Idle - they have not made a keyboard or mouse entry for more then 10 minutes - they go Amber.

Technically the AIM Servers can also tell some apps when someone is Away and Idle but it is not a Status iChat or Messages use.


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