Mail SMTP (outgoing) does not work after Yosemite upgrade

I have just updated Yosemite on my Mac and MacBook Air and the outgoing mails cannot be sent - the SMTP-connection fails.

It worked fully Ok few seconds before the upgrade was started.

So, I wonder if anyone or Apple can help on getting the Outgoing mails to work again.

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Quit mail

Open up Finder

In the Finder menu bar select Go > Go to folder

type in ~/Library and click Go (on my kb the "~" is next to the left shift key)

Open the folder Mail

Open the folder V2

Open the folder MailData

Double click to open Accounts.plist (should open in TextEdit)

Find the block of data that contains the offending mail account

Find the line within this block that says <key>UserAllowsInsecureAuthentication</key>

Change the line below this from <false/> to <true/>

Quit TextEdit

Restart mail

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