how to disable mail windows animations in Sierra

Does anyone know how to disable the crazy fly out animations for Send and Receive in Apple Mail ?


In earlier versions there was a package available in GitHub that did the trick but that has not been updated and I guess it won't be (the author gives instructions for doing it yourself with XCODE - more than I feel comfortable doing).


There must be some simple way or app that will tweak this... this is driving me back to Outlook!!!





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Yes, here is how you do it.


sudo defaults write DisableSendAnimations -bool true

sudo defaults write DisableReplyAnimations -bool true


I agree that all this idiotic Apple obsession with animating everything is cancer.  I just want to see what I asked for as fast as possible.  These animations are useless, distracting and make the Mac look like a cutesy toy rather than a real computer.  Apple's UI team is turning the Mac into the toy that Windows users said it was.


It's shameful.


I try to turn off every animation I can everywhere.  I just want a FAST UI without glaring white and hideous painful blue colors.


Give me back the UI from Snow Leopard without all this animated garbage.


Good luck.

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