How can i transfer pictures (raw-files and jpeg's) fram one library to another without losing metadata and keywords?

How can I transfer my favourite pictures from a library on my MacBook to another library on an external hard disk without losing metadata and keywords?

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If you want to preserve the metadata, you have to export the images as the current, edited versions. File > Export > Export ... images. Then you can enable the flag "Tile, keywords, descriptions":

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Pick a very high quality for the JPEG, so not to lose quality. For the RAWs export them as Photo Kind TIFF.

You could export the RAWs as "File > Export > Export unmodified original" and keep it RAW, but that will not include the metadata. And Photos will allow you to export a XMP sidecar file with the metadata, but when I tested, it did not apply the the metadata when importing the RAW files again. So the best compromise for the RAW would be to export as TIFF, another lossless format.

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