application support folder??

I've been going nuts trying to find an "application support" folder for my plugins on FCPX. I know I'm suppost to look in my MacHD and not in my user folder but its just not showing up. Someone responded to my question and told me to ask in the Lion forum because there are "hidden" folders in Lion. Does anyone have any knowledge in this department? I'd sure appreciate it.

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There are two Applications Support folders. One is in the /Library/ folder and the other is in the /Home/Library/ folder. The latter folder is hidden but you can reveal it by doing the following:

Open the Terminal application in the Utilities folder and paste the following command line:

chflags nohidden ~/Library


Or select Go To Folder from the Finder's Go menu. Enter /Users/your_account_username/Library/ in the field then click on the Go button.

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