procedure for NUKING ALL email settings

i've decided to nuke everything on my mac air related to mail settings as no matter how much i try i cannot get it to reliably get new mail. i have kindly been supplied a number of different (and relatively technical) articles and decided to just bring it to the genius bar.

would someone mind just doublechecking my methodology here before i go through setting it up again? i DO have these articles printed out over here but if i can do this without /studying/ up on mail (again) i'd be psyched.

so basically what i did is i took it to the genius bar and had the guy nuke all the settings and we collectively decided i would go home and delete and then reset up the accounts.

now i am thinking that i should have FIRST deleted the accounts and THEN nuked all the data.

am i correct in thinking i should go ahead and "re-nuke" all the settings prior to setting up all my new accounts?

this occurred to me just now as i opened mail at a coffee shop - i am connected to WIFI - and i did not get mail. so now i am deleting my email accounts but i am thinking the crabbed out data is going to still be in the system after i delete the accounts and reset them up.



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I don't see why it would hurt to redo what was done at the Apple Store before adding the accounts back. It should help ensure you are starting with a 'clean slate' and no retained data.

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