Keynote remote stopped working on my Apple Watch

As I was setting up for class this morning, I tried out the Keynote Remote app on my new Apple Watch. It worked and I was looking forward to using it. I had my iPad Air 2 connected to a projector and my iPhone 6S Plus set up as a remote. Well, when I tried using my Apple Watch as a remote the Keynote app would crash and stop instead of running as it did before. All apps are updated as are my other devices to the latest iOS.

Any idea as to why this is happening?

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First try Apple's suggested steps, trying to open the Keynote app on your watch after each:

  • Place your Apple Watch on its charger, connected to power - and also connect your iPhone to power.
  • On your iPhone: open the Music app and start playing any song (through your iPhone speakers is fine).
  • On your iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch (tab) > scroll down and tap on the Keynote app > turn off the setting for Show App on Apple Watch > pause for a few moments > turn it back on.

If that does not resolve the issue, next try unpairing and re-pairing your watch:

More information:

Get help with apps on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

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