IOS 9 Email from Exchange Clients - Can't Download

Our basic problem is we are not always able to see jpg photos or pdf attachments in the Apple Email application sent from any of our Exchange Server email clients. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

We are a small general contractor with about 15 users. Since December and upgrading to IOS 9 on our IPads (4th gen) and IPhones used in the field, we've been having intermittent, but persistent problems with seeing and/or downloading both JPGs and PDFs in our Exchange 2003 client emails. Apple Support of course says that it not a hardware problem because we are connecting and sending emails. They say that we need to install ALL available updates to our Exchange Server 2003. But since Microsoft is no longer supporting anything before 2010, that's not going to happen until we get a very large influx of jobs/cash and move to Exchange Server 2016 on new hardware.

How can we fix this problem, using current hardware and software? The same WORK emails with attachments are fine using other ISP/Email accounts on these devices. It appears only with our WORK Exchange Server handled emails on IOS devices.

Our field techs take photos with various devices and/or create PDF reports (Daily Reports) from Word files. These are distributed via email to managers, some of which use only their IPads or IPhones to view/read and comment. Some of them are no longer able to see these attachments! Attachments view normally on other email platforms (Outlook on PCs, Windows Phones or Android).

Up until we upgraded devices to IOS 9, emails with attachments went smoothly. But lately, more often than not, the email will arrive with a note on the bottom saying: "This message was downloaded as plain text", with a "Download Full Message" button. Sometimes (maybe with smaller photos/attachments) it will continue on its own and show the entire email with the photo or PDF document, and be good. But, now sometimes the photo or document may "flash" on the screen then disappear and an icon with the name of the attached file(s) will be shown on the bottom of the email. Clicking on this does nothing to the email. While this occurs, the "hour-glass" busy icon is showing at the top of the screen as if something is downloading. This may go away in a few moments/minutes, or not. Still no visual on the attachment(s). Closing the IOS Email and coming back in may now show the email with the attachment or it may not. As I said, it is inconsistent/intermittent.

Sometimes when we click on the "Download Full Message" link and then the icon of the attached file, the icon will slightly grey-out and then come back without doing anything (i.e. showing the photo or document). Other times a message has popped up saying "Cannot Download Attachment", and the email is worthless.

We have wiped and reinstalled IOS and Exchange Server email accounts a couple of times now (at Apple Community and Apple Support recommendations), with no improvement in the stability of our WORK emails with attachments, on IOS 9 devices. Funny thing, advertisements seem to show up just fine in our emails, even with embedded graphics!

Could it be some major revision to the IOS 9 email handler that no longer allows devices to save emails locally, to have them available to be seen a second time without re-downloading, but demands that each email be downloaded from the server whenever viewed? This would save local storage space, but it is going to overtax our Exchange Server greatly.

Many things going on, none of which are consistent. Please help if you can.

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Thank you.

I just wanted to update that our preliminary tests with iOS 9.3 beta seem to show that issue may be resolved, so fingers crossed for public release soon.

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