Presentations from PPT in WIN7 Env to Ipad 4th Gen

I have a pretty large library of PPT files created using Parallels/WIN PPT 2010 (on my MACBOOK Pro. I would like to switch to my iPad 4th Gen when presenting. I have the Apple connector to BOTH VGA and HDMI for the projector.

Here's what I would like to know as there are MANY , MANY presentation appns.

Which would be the most seamless to use to import?

My presentations do not contain movies or embedded sound. I really would like to be able in the middle of a presentation to whip out a whiteboard and draw some problems or even circle and highlight (like I can in GOTOMEETING) right on the slide.

How about getting the files from the MACBOOK PRO WIN to the iPAD? Where I give the presentations I can rely on there being wifi present.


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I do not know why are your taking the complicated approach of using windows in a parallels vm to run office. Microsoft has office for the mac. 404500

More to your topic.

I believe the views and light editing is free. See the app store.

Office 365

Office Mobile for iPhone requires a qualifying Office 365 subscription

* Edit - You can make quick edits to Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

* Documents Remain Intact - Formatting and content remain intact when you edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents on your phone.

* Edit While Offline - Your device doesn’t have to be continuously connected to the network to work on an Office document that is stored online. You can view and edit recently used documents even while you’re offline. Your changes will be saved online when your device reconnects to the network or to Wi-Fi.

* Create – You can create new Word and Excel documents on your phone.

Apple iWork

iWork by Apple -- free with newly purchased iPads ne-or-ipad

There are lots of ways of transferring files. Being in parallels complicates things. You could try a windows solution or a mac solution after copying files to your mac.

A simple and popular way to copy files and share files among your devices.

well, there is the microsoft cloud.

Dropbox will create a folder in your windows vm. You can either copy your presentations to this folder or use a windows alias [ some assembly required ] in your dropbox folder to point to your presentations. This will copy the files to your ipad after installing drobox app on your ipad. From the ipad you copy the files to your presentation app.

"Box lets you store all of your content online, so you can access, manage and share it from anywhere. Integrate Box with Google Apps and Salesforce and access Box on mobile devices" Rated the most secure cloud storage by SkyHigh Networks. You can buy a license to run box one of your servers.

"Dukto is a simple application that allows you to share files between devices connected to the same (wireless) LAN network."

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