Apple Music CarPlay - Playlists and my music empty.


I'm a new iPhone user and I'm having some problems with CarPlay.

I use Apple Music to listen to music. I have several playlists and I've downloaded them all songs in them to my phone.

Here's my problem: when I connect my phone to CarPlay the "my music" and "playlists" tabs are completely empty. They don't show any songs/playlists. I can still play the playlists if I use Siri (play playlist xyz) or select them on my phone. If I do that it works just fine, besides the fact that I still can't see my whole playlist. It just shows me that it's playing Song 1 out of 100.

What could be the problem and what could fix it?

I'm on the newest iOS version on a 6s.

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Maybe your Car Music Player is Loading Songs so better to try a Reset as below & it won't delete any of your Data

Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

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