NeoOffice and Finder hanging when exporting directly to PDF

I'm using NeoOffice 2015.4 Classic Edition on a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 iMac running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. When I export a spreadsheet directly to PDF (using the icon at the top) it saves the PDF but then NeoOffice hangs along with the Finder's Desktop, sometimes upwards of 3 to 4 minutes. I can switch to other applications, music and system sounds continue to play but I get a beach ball if I try to return to NeoOffice or click on the Desktop.

This doesn't happen every time I export either, it seems to only happen the first time I open NeoOffice and do the first export. Any ideas what would be causing this excessive hanging? I can't seem to find anything about this anywhere.

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Try a restart.

Do a backup, using either Time Machine or a cloning program, to ensure files/data can be recovered. Two backups are better than one.

Try setting up another admin user account to see if the same problem continues. If Back-to-My Mac is selected in System Preferences, the Guest account will not work. The intent is to see if it is specific to one account or a system wide problem. This account can be deleted later.

Isolating an issue by using another user account

If the problem is still there, try booting into the Safe Mode using your normal account. Disconnect all peripherals except those needed for the test. Shut down the computer and then power it back up after waiting 10 seconds. Immediately after hearing the startup chime, hold down the shift key and continue to hold it until the gray Apple icon and a progress bar appear. The boot up is significantly slower than normal. This will reset some caches, forces a directory check, and disables all startup and login items, among other things. When you reboot normally, the initial reboot may be slower than normal. If the system operates normally, there may be 3rd party applications which are causing a problem. Try deleting/disabling the third party applications after a restart by using the application un-installer. For each disable/delete, you will need to restart if you don't do them all at once.

Safe Mode - About

Safe Mode - Yosemite

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