How do I upgrade to El Capitan when running crashplan

I use Crashplan to backup my Mac and my external drive (where all my photos and files are stored) onto another external drive as well as Crashplan central (the cloud). So I wanted to know if there are any requirements necessary, or a procedure I need to follow if I want to upgrade from OSX Mavericks to OSX El Capitan? Such as, whether I need to completely disable the crashplan app (once it's done with it's current backup), or if simply pausing the app will work. I also permanently leave the backup drives attached to the Mac, and the external drive I use for transferring work between home and college is connected now too. Do I need to eject all external drives before I start an upgrade?

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Hi CastlesMadeOfSand,

Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities! I'm sure we can help you out with your question, or at least get you pointed in the right direction. If you have questions about how CrashPlan backups may interact with your OS X upgrade process, you may find the following page from Code42 helpful:

How CrashPlan Can Help When Upgrading Your Operating System - Code42 Support


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