View APP purchase history on IPAD (not Mac)

I see this question asked and the answer always seems to be to open iTunes and click your account, etc. this assumes I have a Mac computer, I don't

1. I do not have a Mac

2. Opening iTunes on my ipad IOS 6 there is NO account link

3. Purchase history in the APPS store does not show credit card charges, only a list of all the apps I have, I want to see inapp charges, credit card charges and dates.

I only have an ipad, no Mac. How do I do this?

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This isn't about attitude it is about logic and reason. My attitude is negative based on justifiable causes, that apple, unlike ALL other major commerce sites, REQUIRES iTunes ...ON A FULL COMPUTER to view order history. This should be a basic, fundamental component of their website. Apple is in the dark ages, and if all you care about is attitude, that has no bearing on the issue and is a straw man fallacy

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