10.10.4 Keyboard not working after sleep (mac min)i

After the 10.10.4 upgrade I thought my computer will no longer wake up from sleep without a hard boot (kill from power button and then start up again). After all basic repairing of permissions, resetting nvram and SMC I turned power saving off hoping the computer would work as long as it does not sleep (it does).

Looking further into the issue I noticed that by quickly pressing the power button I can get it to wake up, only I can't enter my password on the login form. I took a wireless Microsoft media keyboard from another system and tested with it and it works.

So basically, since 10.10.4 my Apple USB keyboard does not work after sleep until the computer is completely restarted. With a quick google search I find others that have the same issue and all of them seem to have a previous gen Mac Mini like me.

specs (unchanged from before)

Mac Mini I7 (quad core)

16GB ram

1TB Sandisk Extreme SSD

Nec Spectraview display

Apple USB keyboard (A1243 EMC No: 2171 probably older gen)

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Apple released a fix today, go to software update and it's there.

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