Mail constantly downloading messages | How to reset Mail?

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help with this problem.

Since manually migrating my Mail data from one El Capitan system to another, Im having some trouble. Namely, Mail says its downloading up to 800,000 messages every time it checks for new mail, so it's constantly working away. This is an IMAP account BTW, and i don't have anywhere near that amount of messages. My other computers and iOS devices are fine.

I was wondering if anyone knows what it could be?

Or better yet, how the file structure of Mail in El Capitan works, as it seems to have changed. So I can reset the app.

In the past i used to manually migrate my mail between systems by copying over the User / Library - preference file and the User / Library / Mail folder. In the case of manually migrating between my El Capitan systems, this no longer seems to work. Im feeling things are being stored in different locations. Thus I had to export Mbox files on my old system and import them into the new- for the mail i archive locally that is.

Im thinking the best way to try and fix my problem is to trash all the mail files and building it from scratch again, but killing the above files doesn't seem to be enough to fully reset it. Does anyone know what other locations Mail is now saving data too?


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I've seen email clients have issues when adding a root folder. When the account is added without a root folder it can have trouble switching over to the correct format when a root folder is added.

Remove the account again in Mail. That should take you to System Preferences > Internet Accounts. Uncheck Mail.

Before adding the account back in Mail, make sure the root folder is selected under advanced in System Preferences > Internet Accounts.

This gets the correct setting when the download starts.


It's possible you will also need to remove that account's data in V3.

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