Mail won't enable comcast account that already existed when I turned on my new iMac. How can I "fix" the account in order to enable it so I can use it to send and receive?

One of the first items that I tried to do once my new iMac was turned on was set up my Comcast email. I went into mail and tried to add it (other account) by typing in my email id and password. It told me that account already existed and the only open available was to CANCEL. So I set up my wife's Yahoo email account and that went fine - using the Yahoo offering. I have searched a whole bunch of sites and even tried to get Comcast to help but have struck out. My personal set-up session with Apple is not for another 10 days and I would like to get this done before my old PC dies.

I have tired to go into System Preferences and Internet Account to see if I could fix it. I did a lot of searching and trying, but again - no luck so far. The bottom line is that it won't let this account (doesn't say Comcast ` Mail, Contact like the Yahoo account, in fact is says iCloud drive and 8 more underneath. It appears to think this is my iCloud account and not my Comcast mail account. Mail box is not marked but if I mark it it tells me to use an iCloud email address.

Please help.

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The account settings should look like this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 07.12.10.png

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