How to transfer my Text Messages (SMS) from android to Iphone.

Dear Apple,


When ever I think of buying Apple Iphone I was worried about my text messages in Android Mobile.

I am afraid I couldn't able to find any application which helps me transfer all my text messages from  android to Apple.

I've been changing mobiles and going back to the same android platform mobile bcoz of my messages which i am not able to transfer to Iphone.


**Why can't Apple give provide an option to import text messaes (SMS's) from other platform mobiles where this feature the Users like me who love to use all variety of Platforms.


Anybody Please tell me, how to make this happen.




iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.4
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Dear Alfred DeRose,


The Solution Provided will Email all my conservations to my Mail and allows me to read when ever i want them.

But I want to continue the texting them from my iphone.


All I want is an solution to import SMS and able to read them in Messages and continue Texting


Thanks for Replying ...



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To transfer text messages between android and iphone, i think it's more convenient to use a mobile transfer app. You just need to connect your two phones to computer at the same time and start the app to transfer data, remember set android in the source position and iphone in the desition position.

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