All apps "quit unexpectedly" - Recently upgraded to El Capitan.

I'm at a complete loss of what to do about my Macbook. I can't pinpoint when the problem started or what caused it, but my guess is that it started after my upgrade to El Captian a good few weeks ago.

You see, I mainly use my iPad and iPhone day to day. My Macbook (mid 2010 white "Macbook" model), just sits in our lounge and is only opened up and plugged into our TV to stream Netflix on Safari a couple of evenings a week. For the whole of this year, that has been its only use, so I can't comment on exactly when apps stopped working, since I haven't used them in a very long while.
I had a notification to upgrade to El Capitan a few months ago, so I did so and left my Macbook overnight. It wasn't until a day or two after that I went back to it to find the "Welcome" screen and the new update in place. I completely forgot I was performing an update. I then went onto Safari as usual to stream a movie on Netflix, and nothing would stream at alI. I gave up and closed my Macbook and watched on my iPad instead.

It wasn't then until a couple of days later that I thought id try and fix the streaming problem. I searched Flash Player in the Finder to check for updates, but after typing just one character, the whole Finder window disappeared - It wasn't having any of it. I tried accessing their website but Safari was incredibly slow. I thought about my recent El Capitan update so tried to open the App Store for a possible new update, but I was given the "App Store quite unexpectedly" message. I've since tried other apps to find many others give me the same message, Photos will not work, Mail, Text Edit, and neither will the simple "preview" app amongst many others. However iTunes will open, and Safari works very slowly. So it's selective with what will or won't work.

Most fixes I find require me accessing the App Store, but that will not work. I search fixes for the App Store but I've tried many of those and they will not work either. This has been an issue for a good month or so now, but after trying and failing at fixes I end up giving up and shutting my Macbook down for another few weeks before deciding to try again...

What on Earth can i do to try and fix this?

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After spending an entire afternoon searching up every last piece of advice I could find and trying every work around; the issue has been SOLVED!

In the end I had to perform a back up all my important files, and then perform a factory reset and clean install of El Capitan and start from scratch.
The details I followed for my factory reset and install are here: OS X El Capitan: Erase and reinstall OS X
The whole process took just a little over 2 hours, and if I'm honest I could have done with a big machine clean up anyway (I manually removed/backed up my important documents and media, and let all of my settings and installed Applications be wiped. I'll have to re-install and set up a couple of things, but the piece of mind of starting from scratch after so many issues makes an hour or so one evening worth it.)

I hope this helps any else with the same issue, or so many issues that they just need a reset!

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