Slow backup on Time Machine to Seagate Maxtor M3


I am trying to backup to a Seagate Maxtor M3 2TB external, portable drive using Airport Extreme and Time Machine, from my Mac Book Pro 13" early 2015.

Is 7 hours for a 91 GB a reasonable turnover?

The backup appears to stop when the machine goes into sleep mode, is there a way of keeping it alive and backing up, even with the black screen?

Many thanks in advance for all and any suggestions you might have.



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Hello Toni, I have had this problem too. Your backup hard drive maybe a good speed, but the AirPort usb is only a USB 2 port, and it has always shown to be slow for me when I connect a hard drive this way. My suggestion would be to go to energy saver preferences on your mac, and select power adapter. Then select never sleep. Then at night, put your MacBook Pro on charger, and leave it open. Then connect the backup hard drive to it, and it will backup over night. AirPorts have shown to be a little weak in this area. My AirPort actually stops working if I try to do this.

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