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I'm trying to send iMessages to a list of iPhones and non-iPhones in El Capitan through from my iMac desktop through my iPhone. It appears to be sending the message, but then after a period of time returns the error message Not Delivered. Is it or is it not sending my message? If not, why, and how do I fix it?

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Based on that info it is impossible to say.

Whilst time consuming it might pay to run some tests on Single iMessages Contacts, single SMS connections and then groups of each before trying mixed groups.

iMessages will show you the "Not Delivered" alert if the Connection cannot be made such as a iPhone being turned Off and not link for syncing with anything else.

It will do the same if the iPhone in question is On but cannot get either a WiFi or Carrier signal.

It will also show this messages on occasions when the app cannot login to the iMessages server.

In this case it will appear for every Contact you try.

If the Text Forwarding link has broken down you will also see the alert.

In this case you may have to check if you can send from the iPhone as well before the other tests above.


9:40 pm Wednesday; May 11, 2016

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