Unable to print on Canon iP1800 after OXS update to El Capitan

After updating OXS to El Capitan, my Canon iP 1800 will not send or recognize print jobs. In the status box I can see pages being sent to printer, and then stopped- pages not found.

Can't find info anywhere to correct this.

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The last version of driver that Canon released for the iP1800 was v10.67.2.0 which supported OS X 10.8. I was able to install this v10.67 driver on OS X 10.11, but I don't have an iP1800 to test that it will print.

If you wanted to try this driver then I suggest you first open Printers & Scanners and remove the iP1800 that you currently have. Next step is to open Finder and from the Go menu select Go to Folder. Then enter /Library/Printers/Canon/BJPrinter and press the Go button. Inside the BJPrinter folder you will see several folders, such as Filters, Frameworks and Plugins. Trash all of these files and then restart your Mac. When you have logged back in download and install the iP1800 v10.67 driver I have linked to above. Note that when the installer is almost finished you may get a prompt about you needing Xcode tools to support one of the driver commands. Click Yes for the necessary files to be downloaded from the App Store. When this Xcode install has completed, open Printers & Scanners and add the iP1800 again. Hopefully this will get you printing again.

If this v10.67 driver does not print then you may need to look at using an alternate driver package, such as Gutenprint (which is free but has some issues on 10.11) or PrintFab (which costs €49 but works well on 10.11)

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