I have an old last version EMAC 1.42GH running 10.5.8 can't locate bluetooth capability in preferences need assist

Hi Hope you can help.

I have a great old machine that won't quit EMAC last release 1.42 GH 2GB Ram running 10.5.8 (POWER PC). I wanted to use a magic mouse need bluetooth capability in OSX can someone assist in determining if I can utilize this capability. It doesn not show up in System Preferences in Internet profiles. Can I get this downloaded and installed with my OSX?

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Bluetooth hardware was a option in that model. It is rather rare as there were fewer BT devices in 2005 that justified a special order.

I have never seem the Apple parts that givbe Bluetooth advertised on the used part market.

You can get an external BT adapto that fits a USB port:


That will let the mouse work on a basic level (clicking and selecting) but the eMac is too old to suport OS 10.6, required to get all the cool Magic Mouse capabilities (scrolling, gestures, special taps) working. Basically you'd go to the trouble of buying the adaptor and setting it up, and still end up with no more functionality than a $10 wired mouse will give.

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