G4 iMac memory upgrade doubts

I've been given two iMac G4 800 MHz with the original 256 MB RAM. I want to use them in two different locations to record audio (school and home) (via an interface contemporary with them, a Focusrite Saffire LE). I've upped the OS to 10.4.11. Clearly the RAM needs adding to, and searching all over I'm filled with doubts. I'm worrying that with this machine being fairly old, some suppliers may not have the right information.

The doubts relate to the shape and the number of pins, which seem to vary greatly on what is offered as being compatible with this machine.

So the question is; what exactly am I looking for, in terms of the 512 MB upgrade?

Supplementary question; given the age of the kit, is refurbished or just plain used material worth considering?

Many thanks, as ever, for your expertise and input


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There are two memory slots on the motherboard in that iMac, with one having the factory-installed memory card (a 168-pin DIMM) and which is located on the upside of the motherboard, so that removal of the base is necessary to get to it. If this is done, the thermal paste must be re-applied as directed, before the base is reassembled. The other slot was designed to be user-accessible from the bottom of the base and accepts a 144-pin SO-DIMM. You can find that 512 MB SO-DIMM here, a company that has sold memory for Apple computers for many years. The 15" and 17" screen models use the same types of memory.

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