Trouble installing EL Capitan. Disk doesn't utilize GUID partition scheme

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to install an SSD on a 2011 Mac book pro. I had been using the ssd(Samsung ssd 830 256 gb) as separate disk(OS not installed) on my windows computer until now. I created a El Capitan installation drive on an USB drive, swapped the hard drive out for ssd. I opened disk utility on boot up, Erased the samsung drive with format: OSX extended journaled.

Then went back to install El Capitan but the Samsung SSD is grayed out and when I click on it it says "this disk doesn't utilize GUID partition table scheme. Use disk utility to change the partition scheme. Select the disk, choose the partition tab, select the volume scheme and then click options"

However when I go back to disk utility and select Samsung SSD, the partition tab is grayed out and cannot be selected.

I'm not sure how to proceed. I would greatly appreciate any help

Thank you


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Thank you. It worked out. I should have selected the drive icon and then erased the drive again and then worked. Appreciate help

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