Last call for PM 7600: Flat screen?

Moving again, and I absolutely refuse to give up the footprint of a 17" NEC CRT monitor, but still hate to toss the Power Mac 7600/120. Would love to look back into that world at least a few times more. Is there any way to get the 7600 to work with a flat screen display?

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Unless your 7600 were running OS 9.2.2, you wouldn't be able to install the ATI drivers needed to support a Radeon 7000 (for Mac) PCI graphic card's 2D and 3D acceleration. Unfortunately, I believe that the Radeon is the oldest Mac graphics card that will support some of the widescreen resolution and refresh rates of current displays. The expense to update the OS and find a used graphics card would likely make it more trouble than it's worth. I have seen used LCD displays with the 4:3 aspect ratio at thrift stores like Goodwill, which no longer accept the bulky CRT-type displays for donation.

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