with 10.11.2, Mac Pro 2013 will not wake up 4k displays after sleep like before.

I have installed 10.11.2 today and found the Mac Pro will not wake up the 4k displays connected to thunderbolt ports. I tried many kinds of 4k displays including u28e590d, u24e590d, p2716q etc, but none of them would wake up after sleep. the only resolution is to unplug and replug the thunderbolt (display port) cable to a different thunderbolt port.

those displays all work perfectly with 10.11 and 10.11.1.

Steps to Reproduce:

1: have a Mac Pro 2013, any configurations and install 10.11.2

2: plug a 4k display like u28e590d to thunderbolt port using mini-displayport cable.

3: let the Mac Pro go sleep

4: when press a key or click the mouse, the Mac Pro will wake up but the 4k display will not wake up.

anyone is experiencing the same problem?

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This seems to work reliably.

System Preferences > Displays > Arrangements > Check Mirror Displays > Uncheck Mirror Displays

Assuming you have a non-4k display also hooked up to the Mac Pro, I can see how it would.

But, for those of us that only have the one 4k display attached, the "Arrangements" tab is not visible.

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