My ipad asks me repeatedly if I want to "trust this computer" whenever I plug it in to my desktop PC and I can't get it to just connect and be able to sync or access files.

Whenever I plug my iPad into my desktop PC (windows 8.1), the "trust this computer?" popup keeps displaying on my iPad. I tap it but it just beeps and a few moments later it shows up again. Meanwhile, itunes keeps giving me error messages and giving me the message "Do you want to allow this computer to access information on this ipad?" I click continue but the ipad keeps giving me the trust this computer message every 3 seconds. I've never been able to sync this ipad with my computer yet because of this problem. Any suggestions?

iPad Air, iOS 8
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I finally was able to solve my problem. I'm not sure why it happened but after updating my iPad to the most recent iOS, it works just fine. I had iOS 8 before, but it was the first release, not the update. I have the latest iTunes on my computer so maybe they weren't compatible. Anyway, if anyone else is having this problem, make sure everything is up to date.

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