How to make compressed .jpg pictures larger, and in better quality?

Dear Apple Communities,

I have a Mid 2012 13.3 MacBook Pro, macOS Sierra (10.12), MacBook Pro 13.3 Mid 2012 with 8GB RAM and 500 GB Hard + dual 500 gb Hard Drive in place of the DVD Drive.

I am having a bit of an issue, with certain photos, I have in the Photos App on Mac. The problem is that some of my photos are small and compressed and very pixelated, and I understand that while it is possible to make a photo bigger, the problem with that is there is certain information that is not available, and not there. See my intentions are to edit the photos I have from years ago from a trip I took, with my church 6 years ago. I want to make these photos 4x6 so I can print them on hp 4x6 Advanced Photo Paper, with my HP printer. So here is what I am asking, is there any FREE Photo Software I can use to enlarge and edit my small compressed photos? This is off the Record I really want to stay away from paying for software, simply because I am trying to SAVE not SPEND money, as that is a horrible trait of mine. Nor do I want to pay a professional to do it, ether. Also one example of the size of one of my photos is 93 × 124 10 KB, this is one example but I have several photos that are 7KB, 8KB, 9 KB and 10 KB. Any help that someone can give me would be great.


Marshall D.W.H.

Mid 2012 13.3 MacBook Pro, macOS Sierra (10.12), MacBook Pro 13.3 Mid 2012
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With the size of the photos you have quoted, it is impossible to make anything even close to a 4X6 print. You would need a photo file of at least 800X1200 pixels

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