Need to find password for WI FI for new cell phone

I Purchased a new smart phone, 1st step is to connect to my computer based Wi Fi, I need to enter a password on the phone to connect to my wi fi.

I dont know the pass word, with a quick search I find directions how to find out the password. Step 1) click Mac HD icon 2) click applications

3) locate and double click Linksys Connect icon I dont have this icon, I searched my applications and dont have it. So, I cant complete the 1st step

in setting up my new smart phone. What do I do? Do I have to download this app???

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Im able to turn wi fi on and off on my computer, or so it seems. I probably dont have a wi fi router, that may be why I dont have Open Key Chain Access either. I know how to find and use spotlight search, it is not coming up. Ill contact my ISP to find out for sure.


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