Mac Mini Late 2012 No Firewire ports found

Hi, my name is Paul and I'm from Argentina.

I have a Mac mini Late 2012. I tried connecting a FW800 HD, and it's not recognized, and now I bought a FW400 mixer, and I have the same problem.

When I go into System Report and click on the Firewire tab I get a "No firewire ports were found"

Is this a hardware problem? I tried 2 different things with 2 different cables and nothing.

I really need the mixer working. Is there anything I can do?

Or should I take the computer to service?

Thanks a lot for your time. This community is such a useful resource for info!



PS I've attached a print screen of the message, plus the specs of my mac

Firewire Problem.jpg

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It should show "Firewire Bus" even if no items connected. You may need to take in for service but before doing that do a SMC and PRAM reset and check again.

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