Mac mini 1.1 Os upgrade

I am wondering is it worth upgrading from 10.6.8 to 10.7.5 my mac mini 1.1 that I upgrade with 2gb ram and cpu with c2d 2,33Ghz ? Will I feel any difference on 10.7.5 ?

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Lanny the OP said he has a 2006 with a c2d 2,33Ghz. That means he upgraded the processor to a core 2 duo and that processor when installed in a 2006 Mini supports as high as Lion.

For OP I would not expect any real performance increase or decrease with Lion. There are some aps that require Lion or later. However, some app will not work with Lion,. See:

Upgrading to 10.7 and above, don't forget Rosetta!

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