Can't put Mac mini Mid 2011 to sleep

My mac mini (mid 2011, 2,3 GHz Intel Core i5) stopped going to sleep a few days ago. Neither Finder, command line or energy settings are able to put it to sleep. SMC and NVRAM resets didn't help, even reinstalling 10.11.4 didn't solve the problem. No hardware plugged in except screen and keyboard. The display actually goes to sleep, but the mac mini stays awake… Also tried waiting a while for it to go to sleep, but nothing happens.

Here's the console log after I tried to set it to sleep, waited a moment and logged back in. Any help interpreting this is much appreciated!

06.05.16 15:23:39,029 AirPlayUIAgent[337]: 2016-05-06 03:23:39.029121 PM [AirPlayUIAgent] BecomingInactive: NSWorkspaceWillSleepNotification

06.05.16 15:23:39,177 WindowServer[162]: device_generate_desktop_screenshot: authw 0x7fd7bb90cc00(2000), shield 0x7fd7bb176000(2001)

06.05.16 15:23:39,177 WindowServer[162]: device_generate_lock_screen_screenshot: authw 0x7fd7bb90cc00(2000)[0, 0, 0, 0] shield 0x7fd7bb176000(2001), dev [2560,1440]

06.05.16 15:23:39,177 WindowServer[162]: no sleep images for WillPowerOffWithImages

06.05.16 15:23:39,000 kernel[0]: PM response took 153 ms (90, loginwindow)

06.05.16 15:23:39,000 kernel[0]: PM response took 162 ms (90, loginwindow)

06.05.16 15:23:39,000 kernel[0]: PM response took 163 ms (90, loginwindow)

06.05.16 15:23:40,183 cloudfamilyrestrictionsd[348]: CFRPushManager : connection:didChangeConnectedStatus: : 0

06.05.16 15:23:48,864 loginwindow[90]: CoreAnimation: warning, deleted thread with uncommitted CATransaction; set CA_DEBUG_TRANSACTIONS=1 in environment to log backtraces.

06.05.16 15:23:49,333 WindowServer[162]: CGXDisplayDidWakeNotification [10689850421332]: posting kCGSDisplayDidWake

06.05.16 15:23:49,336 WindowServer[162]: handle_will_sleep_auth_and_shield_windows: Deferring.

06.05.16 15:23:49,350 sharingd[270]: 15:23:49.349 : Starting AirDrop server for user 501 on wake

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UPDATE: Starting the mini in safe mode brings back sleep functionality. Now I just have to figure out what's causing the problem, not sure how though…

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