iMac very slow but CPU, Memory, HD load all flatline


I have a late 2012 iMac with 2.7GH i5, 8GB ram and an almost empty hard drive. (Just updated to 10.11.4 to see if that would help)

But its running incredibly slowly... much, much slower than it did when new.

Whats baffling me is while I wait for it to do something the activity monitor is basically flatline.

Im running Safari, chrome, address book and a few other apps at the moment, memory load is 5GB out of 8.

system is taking up 2.4% and user 1.6% of CPU

I can load something big like MS Office, it takes for ever to load but the cpu and memory load never spike..

Its like its somehow throttled.

I just opened Evernote where I have a lot of notes.

It took a good long while but CPU never went over 20%, memory hardly changed, disk access spiked to about 80% momenterely but did not max out.. noting was working at max capacity.. so why did it take so long?

Really stumped and hoping one of you can help.

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I don't recommend any third party testing software, too many variables and they're just not necessary. Your iMac is three years newer than mine and it's definitely not old. Google Drive and Food Tracker are repeatdly crashing in the report and the BB software hasn't been updated in years. You might try booting into safe mode and once it's done just beet ip normally. A safe boot will clean out some system caches and repair other things in the file system Try safe mode if your Mac doesn't finish starting up - Apple Support

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