El Capitan Download takes Over 3 Days!!!

Hi, does anyone know why El Capitan download at the app store is so slow?

I have a 30Mg fibre internet, everything is okay, no anti-virus, no firewalls, nothing.

Yet is taking two and a half days to download...

Many thanks

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Hi Juca, is it still downloading? if you feel like it stuck again, please try the following:

1. In Spotlight search for Activity Monitor and open it.

2. Find and kill the processes App Store and softwareupdated.

3. Open Spotlight again and search for Terminal and open it.

4. Write the following: open $TMPDIR../C/ and press Enter/Return

5. Find a folder named com.apple.appstore and delete it.

6. Restart your machine and try again to download El Capitan.

Let me know if this worked for you.

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