Time machine unable to complete back up "an error occurred while creating a backup folder."

Hi I just up graded to El Captain and since that I have been having trouble with my backup hard drive and Time Machine. After installing El Captain I got an error message that stated " Back up Failed. Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while creating the back up folder. Run Disk Utility to repair your back up disk". When I did that I got error " Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required. Unable to unmount volume for repair. Operation failed". I can see the Hard drive name in the finder side bar but it doesn't have the usual eject icon so I right click on it and select "Force Eject". Disconnect the USB and reconnect USB so HardDrive reappears in Finder side bar. Run Disk Utility First Aid again same message. I try to partition the drive in Disk Utility but the "Apply" button is grayed out until I change the named of the disk in the "Partition" Text Field reselect "OX Extended Extended (Journaled)" in "Format" dropdown. I then click apply and get error message that it "cannot unmount disk". "Mount" button at top of Disk Utility Window seems to do nothing. I then tried to "Erase" disk and got Error message "Umounting Disk POSIX reports: operation couldn't be completed. Input/output error. Operation Failed." So I once again right-clicked "Force Eject", Disconnected and reconnected USB, selected hard drive in "Finder" sidebar ran "Set_Up.dmg" that was located on the hard drive. Which seemed to amount to registering drive on Seagates Website. Reselected Drive in Time Machine Preferences selected "Back Up Now" from Time Machine in Menu Bar got progress bar "Preparing To Back Up..." in Time Machine Preferences for about half an hour... Got back to the start of the loop. Error Message states "Back Up Failed. Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while creating the back up folder. Run Disk Utility to repair your back up disk".

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Please take each of the following steps that you haven't already tried until the problem is resolved.

1. Disconnect and reconnect the drive.

2. From the menu bar, select

System Preferences Energy Saver Power Adapter

and uncheck the box marked

Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible

if it's checked.

Some external drives ignore the Energy Saver setting and spin down anyway. In that case, the drive should be replaced with a different kind, unless the manufacturer's website has a firmware update to correct the problem.

3. If the drive is connected to a hub, connect it to a built-in port on the computer. If it's already connected to a built-in port, and there is another such port, use that.

4. If the drive has more than one bridge (e.g., FireWire and USB), try another one.

5. Check the drive vendor's website for a firmware update.

6. Contact the vendor to see whether there's a firmware setting you can change.

7. If you installed vendor software for the drive, uninstall it.

8. If none of the above steps resolves the issue, the drive may be faulty. Try another one. You may be able to salvage the mechanism of an external drive by installing it in another enclosure.

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