Mac OS 8 upgrade

I have bought iMac G3 and it is running Mac OS, I have the Mac OS X install cd, but I can't upgrade it.

How can I upgrade Mac OS 8 to Mac OS X?

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Yes, but 8.1 will not operate as a "classic environment." And you won't be able to switch to Mac OS X from 8.1 unless it is on the same partition without holding down the X key at startup. You need a minimum of 8.6 for Startup Disk to allow you to switch to Mac OS X, and a minimum of 9.1 to run 9.1 as the Classic environment which lets you run Classic applications without special drivers while still booted into Mac OS X. Plus you'll need to install 9.1 anyway to put the firmware to allow you to install 10.2 or later. Given how slow USB 1.1 is at backing up your data, you may just find the whole effort not worth it.

A Sonnet Tech board may still exist that lets you add Firewire to your Mac. That would make backing up a lot easier, and the process to install Mac OS X a lot easier.

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